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I’M FINALLY BACK. It’s been almost a year since I last updated this blog. I really had no time to blog about stuff because of, as usual, school. And probably because I’m too lazy.

Anyway, I will just post some of the random sketches I’ve drawn in the past few weeks. Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

I’m really happy and proud of these sketches because I’ve noticed that I am really improving when it comes to my drawing skills.

Also since it’s our summer vacation, I will practice my vectoring skills because it’s been a long time since I haven’t vectored.

You may visit these accounts where I upload my artworks:





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I can’t believe it took me almost 10 months not to write a blog post. I was just checking my e-mail 2 hours ago trying to delete unread posts then I suddenly stumbled across a 281-day old verification e-mail post for this blog from WordPress. As usual, I forgot about this again (the reason why:

Not sure if I will frequently write a blog post for this year, as school is starting to stress me out big time. I am so physically, mentally, emotionally drained and exhausted right now (INCLUDE ALL THE WORDS ENDING WITH “ALLY’S”, except for sexually). I really want to rest all day even if it’s so tempting, but I can’t since I have so many school works to accomplish. But I actually am taking it as a big challenge for me. So it’s all good…

But sh*t, imagine the time wasted just for doing school works from subjects that aren’t even related to your course. *deep sigh*

The Maker

September 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

Your 5 minutes and 31 seconds of time will surely not be a waste after watching this short animation film…

This is probably the best animation film I’ve ever seen in my entire life. So far. Kudos to Mr. Christopher Kezelos for doing an eye-catching, magical and 100% superb animation. I would love to see this in full length animation feature film.


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A quick post just to unleash my “boringness” (not even a word but whatever).

I now regret the time I’ve wished and craved for a term break. DAMN. I’d rather attend a math class than to stay here, stare at the wall and do nothing. Good thing our term break is for one week only. And yes, I consider that as a GREAT news.

I don’t normally hate vacations. I actually love it. The worst part is, you’ll end up doing the same “routine” every single day. Eating for example. After brushing my teeth (yes, AFTER), I will (again) look for food just to satisfy my cravings (repeat 10x).

But the best part is, I’m not even gaining weight. Yay!

Besides of satisfying my tummy, I draw. And no, neither drawing does not help at all. Proof: I just spent three days dotting Katy Perry’s face without even finishing the whole thing.

More like Emily Blunt. But it’s Katy, really.

I seriously am getting homesick these days. The rain makes it even worse.

Take two

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First and foremost, this is the second time I’ve made another blog. I’ve had a blog before, which was never updated after a week or so because I forgot the password (made less than 10 attempts to be precise, just so you know). Plus I have no time to rant about stuffs since school was a life wrecker that time. But rest assured that this will be my last and final blog. I will not start another one.